Who we are?


On returning from the Pilkington Cup quarter final (away at Harlequins - we lost 28 to 21) on 23rd February 1997 there was a frenzied discussion at the back of the SSA bus. We had supported the team most vociferously and felt that we had lifted the mighty Saracens. How could we bring this forward and make our presence felt again in the future? Some suggested curly toed slippers, some a desert mode of dress until the now famous 'Fez on a head' was agreed on. It was also decided that we were to be called 'Fezboys'[1] irrespective of age, sex or any other perversion.

On the 9th March at home (then Southbury Road), a 'merry' band of six Fezboys appeared to cheer on a 33 - 15 win against Bristol. The original six were; Mcnab, Big Bri, Mush, Gonz O'Brien, Dickfez and Kev.

The rest, as they say, is now history.

[1] All journalists please note, 'Fezboys' not fezheads!

- The Fezmaster.

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