Fez Fez Fez Fez Fez Fez

Saracens Fezboys

The Origination


On returning from the Pilkington Cup quarter final (away at Harlequins - we lost 28 to 21) on 23rd February 1997 there was a frenzied discussion at the back of the SSA bus. We had supported the team most vociferously and felt that we had lifted the mighty Saracens. How could we bring this forward and make our presence felt again in the future? Some suggested curly toed slippers, some a desert mode of dress until the now famous 'Fez on a head' was agreed on. It was also decided that we were to be called 'Fezboys'[1] irrespective of age, sex or any other perversion.

On the 9th March at home (then Southbury Road), a 'merry' band of six Fezboys appeared to cheer on a 33 - 15 win against Bristol. The original six were; Mcnab, Big Bri, Mush, GonzO'Brien, Dickfez and Fezless Kev.

The rest, as they say, is now history.

[1] All journalists please note, 'Fezboys' not fezheads!

- The Fezmaster.



A Brief History of the Fezboys?

By Alan Fez
November 16 2005

The history of the Fezboys as chronicled in the "Great Text" by the Large One has been brought into question by a Saintly type with a crooked halo. The history of the Fezboys chronicled in the "Great Text" by the Large One has been brought into question by a Saintly type with a crooked halo, in that a supporter of the Saracens related to him, in an ale house, how before the Fezboys come into being the supporters of the football club of the Town of Enfield had taken up the wearing of Fezzes.

Such heresy could not go unchallenged and I sought out the truth about the creation of the Fezboys, so it was that I begun my journey for enlightenment. I called upon the great Oracle of the Ether, Yahoo, for guidance, and I was pointed towards the original version of the "Great Text" in the Casbah, and whilst I was shown paths to other gateways the oracle could not show me any truth to this heresy. So it was that I came to believe that the blasphemous utters of the unworthy ones had been based upon a false reading of the “Great Text”, and that the creators of the Fez, the “Company of McNab”, the Great Ones had indeed given birth to the ideals of the Fez. Hallowed are the Great Ones.

Whilst I could find no truth in these heretic thoughts perpetuated by the non-believers, I was shown that the power of the Fez had even spread across the "Great Ocean of Water" to other lands where the legend of the Fezboys had taken root. The path led to a society of secrets, in the City of Angels, whose appreciation of all things Fez glorified all things Fez. It was in my search of the land across the great ocean that I discovered the long lost “Chapter of the Fezboys”. They wore great fezzes with gold braid on them and carried guns of the hand as befit our cousin across the great ocean, and that the guns of the hand were kept for the shooting of heretic Saintly types who had strayed from their “true path of the tradition of rugby” and yet still preached it practices knowing that they were lost in sin. 

I searched the paths in the ether back to this land, but found that they led to the “Ancient Site of the Fezboys” which had turned to dust many years ago. A site whose secrets and knowledge are kept alive by “The Keeper of all Things Fez”, Bboonie the Venerable One, and long may this knowledge be kept safe. 

My searching of my home land through the ether also showed me the delights of a troupe of merriment makers known as the Fezheads who ply their trade at fairs, markets and sporting occasions. They also adorn fezzes, but dress up in foreign costumes for the playing, dancing and acting of their scenes. 

The great oracle also revealed to me a site of fez girls who do works of charity and whose site images in adverts brought back to me the remembrance of moving pictures I had once spied upon in my youth, and whose title was akin to “abody doing the City of the Eweings”. A city which exists in the great state of Testes in the land across the great ocean. I sought through their “Gate of Pink” any knowledge of the fair maidens of the Fez, E123, Loopy and Stella, but found no such knowledge. And so my search through the ether for the true history of the Fezboys comes to an end. 

Satisfied that what the Saintly type with a crooked halo had told me was blasphemy, I returned home to re-cant this tale of adventure, daredevilry and pilgrimage.